Saturday, January 14, 2006

I've been using this blog pretty much only to promote my Ultra Fem work, but today I'm going to rant for a while. (I don't think anybody is reading this blog, anyway.) I finally have a little extra cash, so I wrote to the owner of about buying a measly $45 text ad for my free valentines page. He wrote back today, "I only plug content." I didn't understand that response, and I asked what he meant. He said, "I don't plug frontpages."

Well, I hit the roof! So, my work doesn't qualify as "content," huh? He goes there and just sees "nothing!" Original art, GIVEN AWAY for FREE, and he sees "no content!" He turns down a SALE just to insult an artist! He could have said, "Sorry, doesn't fit in with my site" or even, "Sorry, I don't like your work" but NO. He comes back and says he sees NOTHING THERE!

That's why I'm ranting. It's not the saying "no," it's the attitude. Artists get this all the time. People in general have shitty, condescending attitudes toward artists. (And cartoonists are the bottom of the barrel. Even other "artists" have shitty attitudes toward cartoonists! Back me up on this, guys!) People SAY they love art and artists, but in reality we're invisible. Not worth noticing. (And not worth PAYING, but that's a different rant.)

This is why I'm in the business of doing commissions for comics and porno fans. These fans appreciate good cartooning, give lots of positive feedback, and are willing to pay for original art.

I can't get over this... he goes to my site and sees NOTHING THERE. And he TURNS DOWN A SALE! That's what gets me most. He's too lazy to even take the money! He didn't even answer the ONE question I had about placement. He just turns down a prospective PAYING advertiser with a flippant "you got nothing" response. He's running a site that is nothing but links to OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF, and he has the fucking NERVE to say I got nothing!!! Content my ass! was one of my favorite sites. Not anymore.

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  1. Well I think you're fantastic (and so is your art and not just cause it has nekkid ladies:^)
    I may not read your blog everyday, but I try to do so once a week. I regret that comic book art and artists are not more respected. It's the same with
    puppetry (if I may say so) in Europe puppetry is as much for adults as for children, but in the
    USA its kids only:(
    Same for animation. Watership Down is a fine work of animation, but it is NOT for lil kids!
    Hang in there, WE, your fans, love ya!