Monday, December 5, 2005

New preview for this Friday! (Censored this one a little. Sorry!) The web site is getting really big. Lots and lots of pages and images. New Ultra Fem banners for link trades, too!


  1. GOLD!
    Brilliant titty-fuck drawing!
    (I'm not sure if I was able to say that without sounding like a meathead fanboy - but there you go anyway)....

  2. LOL! Hey, "meathead fanboys" are exactly what I need to make a living with this stuff!

  3. You need meathead fanboys with money!
    Thanks for the url heads up.
    I just spent a good half hour there.
    I think it's terrific.
    Really sexy stuff.
    I'm sorry I haven't been past sooner - I've been really busy.
    I will make more of an effort!