Monday, February 25, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Calendar Preview

Here's another sample of what I'm working on for the 2013 calendar. I'm exploring new territory here, as Ultra goes formal. The inspiration for this pose is Mia Zarring, one of my new favorite models. Mia's figure in formal dress is exactly how I picture Ultra doing it.

You can order your copy of the calendar here:


Sunday, February 10, 2013

All-Girl Threesome sketch

Here’s a sketch for a long-overdue girly threesome commission.
Yes, I am still working on my backlog of larger commissions.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Johara and Her Shoes

Johara the Skunk, posing with her gigantic boobs, her red G-string and some troublesome high heels.


Friday, February 8, 2013

The Problem with Join.Me

Anyone who knows my work is aware that I make my living doing live art shows on the internet. I've been doing them for years. Most Internet artists use the typical video streaming services like Ustream or JustinTV, but I was never happy with those. (More about that later.)

In mid-2012, I saw a fellow artist using a monitor-sharing service from called Join.Me. It is much more efficient than any video-streaming service and has far superior picture quality. Viewers can watch from their browsers and enter the chatroom without having to sign up or register.

The service has it's limitations and problems, but I was so happy with it, I became a paying user in December. I assumed the paid service would have better controls, which might alleviate or even eliminate certain problems. I was wrong.

And then, the same week I signed up and started my holiday art marathon, A TROLL FOUND MY STREAM AND DECIDED TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF ME.

All artists out there need to know that Join.Me has some GLARING issues that will make your stream a miserable playground for trolls. They will run rampant over your meeting and bring a complete halt to your show AND TO YOUR INCOME. They can do this because Join.Me GIVES THEM EVERY TOOL ON A TROLL'S WISH LIST.

The following list of problems will seem like fiction. You will not believe what you're reading. Who designed this program?? The outrageous stupidity, the complete lack of forethought, the colossal ignorance... GAHHH! Just read on!




As hard as it is to believe, Join.Me actually provides a REQUEST CONTROL button TO EVERY VIEWER.

When any viewer presses that button, the presenter (YOU) is faced with a pop-up window that stays on top AND WILL NOT GO AWAY until you press "NO." In the time it takes you to press "NO" and get back to the viewer list to identify and boot the offender, he can press the control button again. A determined troll can (AND WILL) do this all day and all night. Your stream is over.

If a troll presses the "Request Control" button at the same time you happen to press ENTER on your keyboard... CONGRATULATIONS! You have just given him control of your computer! (You think this is unlikely? Keep thinking it while you wrestle for control OF YOUR OWN MOUSE.)


When you kick a viewer out of your Join.Me session, there is NOTHING keeping him out. He just comes back in. SERIOUSLY! You can lock the stream, but... and again, I know this is hard to believe... every new visitor is provided with a button that requests entry. And, YOU GUESSED IT, a REQUEST ENTRY window pops up and forces you to select YES or NO. Any troll can just keep pressing that button, taking over your stream WITHOUT EVEN BEING IN THE ROOM.

Furthermore, the troll can make up a new name each time he requests entry. These "names" can take the form of curses and threats. The troll not only takes control from outside, HE CAN USE THE ENTRY BUTTON TO HURL THREATS AT YOU. AND YOU ARE FORCED TO SEE EVERY ONE OF THEM.


Yes, that's right. As unbelievable as it sounds, there is nothing barring any viewer from changing his name to the same as any other's. This means you can't tell who is making the offensive comments, and you have to kick innocent viewers. AND THEN the troll repeatedly requests re-entry using names you recognize. (see #2)


Any viewer can send private messages to any other viewer without you seeing or knowing. A troll can not only threaten the other viewers, HE CAN CHANGE HIS NAME TO YOURS SO THEY THINK YOU ARE DOING IT. (see #3)

All of these things happened to me. All of these things happened to me in the FIRST WEEK. After that, I simply got lucky, and the troll didn't come in for weeks. But on Feb 6, he returned. And this time, he wasn't playing.

If I am to continue to use Join.Me, I will simply have to HOPE a troll doesn't attack. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.



Join.Me could make a few simple change:


Same goes for the "Request Entry" button. Holy fuck, guys!

2) Add a MUTE or IGNORE option to silence trolls. They can spew all the insults and threats they like without knowing they're invisible. It works. It's a commonly used function in other chatrooms. Why doesn't Join.Me have it?

3) Bar viewers from using other viewers' names. Seriously.

4) Allow the presenter to block IP addresses. This is not a perfect solution, but it's a start.



Those of you who wonder why I don't use Livestream, JustinTV, Ustream, etc. First of all, I've done that, and I've been banned from some of them. Overzealous corporate censors are always a serious problem for us artists. They also require me to install special video drivers, like ManyCam, which sometimes use heavy resources and have caused crashes.

Also, the video streaming services often force the viewers to watch very loud TV commercials OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I HATE that. My viewers simply won't put up with it, and new visitors often bail before the first commercial is done. I don't blame them. These services also require visitors to register, or use FaceBook, to enter the chatroom. Not cool.

The best video streaming service BY FAR was WatchTail, which included all the advantages and none of the problems. But the host ran out of money, so it's gone now.

What will I do? I don't know. If Join.Me makes those simple changes, and helps me identify that troll, I'll go back. If not, I won't.



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Night Mistress sketch

Here's a quick color sketch of Night Mistress, in a pose inspired by Wendy Fiore, one of my favorite models! I did this as a birthday present for a customer.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trolls will NOT be tolerated

My live stream was cut short tonight when a troll came into the room and threatened me. I'm sure it was the same guy who made such a mess of things during my Xmas marathons. It would be easy to deal with if Join.Me wasn't such a FUCKING PLAYGROUND for trolls. Seriously, they just GIVE trolls everything on their wish list.

I have ZERO patience for this shit. Long rant tomorrow.


Batgirl TAS

Had a good live show last night! The shoulder is feeling better, and I did some great drawings. Here's one of them. Animated Batgirl with a huge naked cock!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shoulder trouble

The shoulder is bothering me a bit already today. It was fine during the late night after a seriously painful afternoon yesterday.


New Under Girl art!

Under Girl will be making a rare appearance in the Ultra Fem 2013 Calendar! (I'm about half done with the calendar art!)


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shoulder Pain

I was looking forward to a relaxing day, doing some art catch-up, then some live streaming tonight. But holy shit my shoulder is hurting! I thought it was getting better!


Friday, February 1, 2013

A Robot and a Ninja

A Robot Snow Leopard and a Naked Ninja. I drew these a few days ago for live customers. The furry one is indeed supposed to be a robot. A really interesting and beautifully simple design submitted by the customer. And I gave her gigantic Ultra-boobs. The other one is apparently a ninja. I did the same for her.


No art again tonight

Once again, I was planning on live streaming tonight, but I don't think I will. I'll do some catching up tonight and try to get on tomorrow. The injured shoulder does seem to be getting better, what with the sling I'm wearing and all the nights I've taken off. I had planned on taking a full week off soon, maybe next week, using the time to catch up on backlogged art. With the shoulder pain, though, the time off this week has mostly been art-free. I'll certainly have to do live streams next week, then we'll see about the week after that.