Sunday, May 31, 2009

Night Mistress ink art - I completed the ink work on the new Night Mistress design last week. It's very beautiful!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

VERONICA?!!! - Archie went and did it! He went and did it! And he chose Veronica!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm —
Amazing... and FUNNY!


Monday, May 18, 2009

My old eListas groups still exist! A couple of weeks ago, some people at Hentai-Foundry told me they remember my work from my original eListas groups. So I looked up the old groups, and they are still there! I thought eListas faded away loooong ago!

If you want to see Ultra Fem and her friends as they originally looked, you can browse the old image archives at this address - - -

Saturday, May 16, 2009

WACOM TABLET - Got a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet for my PC last Monday. It's going to be a long, hard learning curve to get going with this thing! HERE's my first attempt at a sketch!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Martian Manhater : redesigned

Actually, she's not redesigned at all. MM was pretty much right where I wanted her from the start. I just need to do more drawings of her.

Her full name is J'izz J'onzon, the Martian Manhater, and she's obviously a satire of a certain green alien member of the Justice League. I remember the exact moment I thought of her. I had decided that Ultra Fem's team would have 5 main members, and I had come up with several new characters (more about them later), but I didn't have what I really wanted yet.

My thought process was something like this: Each character needs to fill a certain role or stereotype. UF is Superman, Night Mistress is Batman, The Scratch is Wolverine. I've rejected ideas for Shazam and Captain America types, so what else is there? Something that would again be very different from the others. An ALIEN! Four arms and four tits, like from John Carter of Mars! Wait, the JLA already did the green alien thing with the Martian Manhunter... MARTIAN MANHATER!!!!

I was walking across my living room into the kitchen when the name came to me, and I laughed out loud! That's it! She was in!

She doesn't have much of a back-story, but I do have ideas about her first meeting with Ultra Fem. UF invited J'izz to join the team after two of the founding members left. Where she originally came from, nobody knows, but she's certainly NOT from Mars.

Here's a couple more new sketches. J'izz has shape-shifting powers, and you can see on the right where I started to give her stretchy arms. Maybe I'll do that in some future art. With what I've seen in current hentai trends, maybe I should think more along the lines of "goo?"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

BUSTY BIRD!!!!!!!!
LOL! - I don't know what got into me. I saw BB in this guy's gallery at FurAffinity, and just had to stop and draw her!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

'The Scratch' redesigned - -

This strange lady was the third character I invented for the Ultra Fem team. Like Night Mistress, she grew naturally out of necessity. I needed something that was different yet again from the two existing characters. They were both tall and busty, with stunning good looks, so I thought I'd go 'opposite' of that.

'The Scratch' is what happened! She's little, wiry, NOT traditionally pretty... and MEAN AS HELL! Her invention happened very quickly, and her name just popped out of thin air. I didn't want a predictable 'cat-name,' or any other silly animal for that matter, so after a few minutes of thought, 'The Scratch' came to me.

Her look was easy, too. Again, she's the opposite of Night Mistress. Short, spiky hair, no fancy outfit, barefoot, BOOBLESS. So she didn't need to be redesigned from the bottom up (or 'from SCRATCH' haha), she just needed more finishing. I never felt like I got her just right before. She needs to look SCARY. I don't want her to be ugly, but I don't want her to fit any typical comic-book stereotype, either.

I think the latest sketch above does it pretty well. She's lanky, bony, and mean-looking, with ropey muscles and clawed hands... and she's also quite beautiful I think!

The other interesting thing I did when I created The Scratch was to make her and Night Mistress lovers. Again, it just seemed like the natural thing to do. They're so different! According to the back-story I have in my head, the two have been together since long before joining the Ultra Fem Five, when they were a vigilante duo. NM is bisexual but loyal to Scratch, while Scratch is aggressively and exclusively lesbian.

This character was definitely the least favored among my few readers back in 2005-06, but when she finally got to have some strong scenes in episode 3, people changed their minds. The Scratch has always been one of my favorite inventions, and out of all my characters, she has the most complete and complex back-story. I know her full name, her origin, her family, everything. And I know her future, too.

Here are two other sketches that helped me get to this point.
A crazy, hot commission I did for a client at my Hentai-Foundry gallery. The meanest thing I've ever done to Jessica!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The New Night Mistress - Finally! This weekend, I hit upon what I think is the right approach to Night Mistress. She was the second character I came up with after I created Ultra Fem back in 2005. But she was never well-developed (I know, I know). This was because of the reason I invented her. As soon as I'd drawn my first sketch of UF, I realized she needed a counterpoint. Superman needs a Batman. When you have a godlike, untouchable team leader out front, you need a brilliant, yet all-too-human creature-of-the-night skulking in the shadows behind her. So here came Night Mistress!

The idea and the intent were easy, even obvious, but I never got the execution right. With these sketches, though, I think I have it! I originally designed NM with a Huntress-type mask, but it interfered too much with the eyes. I've kept the bat-cape and added a high collar, keeping it small so she doesn't look like Dracula. I've made the thigh boots look more like stockings and given them garter-like supports, so she can use them as a kind of utility belt for her dildos and whips.

Speaking of utility belts, NM can't use a traditional belt because her huge boobs block access to her waist. LOL. That's why her tools need to be lower and to the side. But the huge boobs aren't just a fetish thing. I intended from the start for NM to have the biggest tits on the team, bigger than Ultra Fem and even bigger, proportionally, than Big Girl. This makes her accomplishments more impressive. Having no super powers, she has become one of the world's greatest fighters and acrobats despite these physical endowments that would be a handicap for most women.

Even with all of this info, I never built a strong background for NM. She's supposed to be of ambiguous Asian descent, but with atypical features (big boobs and a roman nose). She's the most level-headed, refined and lady-like member of the team. She and The Scratch are lovers. Other than that, she's a mystery to me.

Only a week or two after my first drawing of NM, I met Diana Knight. ( She looked awfully familiar. I realized after a while that I was recognizing her from my own drawings, even though I'd never seen her before. She had the face, the hair, the body, EVERYTHING, and I'd already put it on paper! Wow. So I whipped out the art and showed it to her. I told her I'd name the character Diana after her, and she okayed it.

Ironically, the pose for this new drawing came from a photo of Angela Ryan (, who could not possibly be more different from the NM type.