Friday, August 28, 2009

Jessica the Hot Librarian —
I've done a series of quick pencil drawings this week, specifically to sell on NaughtyBids, trying to match the styles that seem popular over there. Several of them are new Jessica pics. Some are reproductions of my Power Girl Gangbang series.

Got to advanced search and do a Seller Search for ultrafem.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

NEW ART! —Here's a new piece by Sasta from FurAffinity. We did an art trade. And here's the one I did for Sasta!

I like seeing Ultra Fem art by other people! Don't be shy about sending some of your own!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FetishCon sketches - -

Here are a few pencil sketches I made while sitting at my table at FetishCon last weekend. The first two are, of course, Ultra Fem! Some unusual perspectives.
And then there's Giant Jessica! The whole giantess fetish is HUGE! Much bigger than people think. (I meant to do that.)
Then I created a new supervillain: SHOCKER MOM!
And finally, I was just sketching randomly when I came up with this:
It wasn't supposed to be anybody in particular. But when it was done, I looked at it and said, "This is BaunFire!" She's a well-known dominatrix in these parts, a fixture at FetishCon. Super tall and super beautiful. Look her up! (As usual, her photos don't come anywhere NEAR doing her justice!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

More from FetishCon - -

Here's George Perez! He's a fixture at FetishCon. He was a fan long before most people were, and he now hosts the Superheroine Showdown every year. The attendees always love it.
In this picture, George is holding a photo of himself from 1985. It's on the back of a magazine I brought with me. He signed it for me, along with a stack of old comics. George was just becoming a known name in comics when I started collecting back in the late 70s, so I have all these classic Perez comics. I brought some of his Logan's Run and Avengers stuff with me this year, knowing I'd see George again.

(I wanted to bring the Black Widow mini-series he illustrated for Marvel Fanfare, but I couldn't find it. Every time I look at his Black Widow stuff, I'm struck by how much it influenced my own work. Just that one little 4-part story from the early 80s, and I can see it in my work even today. Funny how that works.)

George graciously signed everything. If I'd had more, he would have signed it all! Sweet guy! When I told him I had designed the new FetishCon logo, he jumped up and pointed out how he'd used it in a series of drawings he did for last year's con. "We collaborated!" he yelled. LOL

New subject: Giantesses!
These girls from GiantessZone spent the weekend stomping buildings and cars.

Now here's some more people you should watch:
Orias Bastet - one of my faves! she was busy, hardly saw her
Jenni Czech - another experienced model I'd never met before (my bad!)
Zeek - a gorgeous newbie! Watch her!
Rosie White - local model, built like Jessica Rabbit!
Kitty-sama - a super-cute little black girl newbie (got no web site)
Cat Camp - she was painting bluejeans on girls' butts so well nobody noticed!
Lika Linei - for fans of the punk/big-girl/ballerina/amputee market!!!
Carla Thomas - Tampa bodybuilder & massage artist (got no link)

...and finally, some of my faves who couldn't be there this year:
Diana Knight
Dante Posh
Goddess Heather

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My FetishCon Report - -

This is the fourth year I've been to FetishCon, but it's the first time I've had a booth and the first time I've ever displayed my art. I should have done it YEARS ago! I made more money than I did at MetroCon last month, but only $100 total. (I can't complain, though because I got the booth for free. One of the special guests didn't show up!) I think, though, I'll make more money from the contacts I made. Got LOTS of attention, and gave out LOTS of cards!

I had to borrow cameras when I could, and I was always in a rush, so I missed almost EVERYTHING, but here's a few things... like my HUGE Ultra Fem banner!
It was at least 8 feet tall! Maybe 10!
And here's my Night Mistress banner!
You can see my computer monitor on the right, running a slide show of my art. People really like that!

Bernie the Bondage Bunny, a regular at FetishCon, came by and posed with Night Mistress.
I was also visited by a new friend of mine named Sarai Casey. She's a hot new fetish model I met earlier this year.The picture doesn't do her justice!

NONE of these pictures do these women justice! All of them are so much more beautiful in person than on-screen, take my word for it!

I made another new friend this weekend. She was working at the booth next to mine, and boy, I couldn't help but notice her! I had her come over and pose with Ultra!Her name is Mariah Milano, and we talked about having her do some life-modelling for my art. She's got all the attributes I like best for my characters: hourglass figure, bouncy apple bottom, round legs, luscious lips, and GREAT BIG BOOBS! And she loves comics! (Most models seem to!) Anyway, I thought she was maybe a local dancer or something. It wasn't till I got home and googled her... well, YOU google her! :)

I met lots of models I hadn't met before, like Jacquelyn Velvets. She's been coming to the Con for years, but somehow I managed to miss her till now. She is STUNNINGLY gorgeous!
Even the photos on her own site don't live up to her reality. Wow! And you should've seen her when she put on the Supegirl costume!!! (Sorry, I got no pics!!!)

I had a similar experience with a model named Anna. (Just "Anna!") She's been at the Con many times, and I had no idea. What a beauty! How did I miss her??

I also met a precious little newbie from Dallas named Mallory Page! Only 4-foot-eleven! (Bite!)

Then of course there was my old friend Angela Ryan! Known her since the 2005 show. One of the world's most beautiful women! Period! Here she is with one of my popular Jessica drawings.Everybody loves Angela, but they can't get her to put on the superhero suits. They ask every year, but she won't do it. :(

There's models of ALL types at FetishCon (even types you wish you hadn't seen), and one of the more popular types is the "nerd girl." Here's a new model named Jaden.
She was just adorable! And so tiny! She was barely there! I thought she'd break in half if I stood too close to her!

Jaden was with a group out of Orlando called Cosplay Deviants. I can pretty much GUARANTEE you've seen their photos. Here's their most FAMOUS ONE. (LOL! See?)

Now here's something you'll really like!
It's a group of girls playing with an inflatable zebra! See the one down there on the right? She's blowing him up.
I heard they rode him till he popped.

That's it for now! A few more things later!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This guy is too busy to feed his poor old beagle (yeah right), so he's left it alone with a feeder and a web cam, AND HE EXPECTS US TO FEED IT!!!

Click on the link, and a few meager scraps will plop out! Poor doggy!
Can you believe it?!!

Wallpapers and Calendars!
Starting a new series of freebies! Here's an Ultra Fem wallpaper and an August 2009 calendar version.