Saturday, June 29, 2013

Google is Nuts

Google has sent out a warning to all Blogspot users. They tell us that starting on June 30, they will crank up their jihad against adult content. Any blog that is "monetizing" adult content (whatever that means) is at risk of being deleted.

I have removed my links page and all links to my online store, but I don't think that will help. I think Google has a religiously-motivated hatred of adult content, and is using "monetizing" as an excuse to act on it.

I came to Blogspot in 2005 after being chased out of Yahoo Groups under identical circumstances. My blog was deleted by Google a year ago already, and I moved my store to Tumblr because of it.

And now, fucking Yahoo owns Tumblr. I, for one, do NOT believe Yahoo will leave Tumblr alone, but for now, Tumblr is where things are happening.

Google, you're chasing us away, and we won't be back. You are fools. You and the other internet giants think you can force the world to be one giant Sunday school, and you are wrong. Chik-Fil-A can't stop gay marriage, and YOU can't eradicate adulthood.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Remember, I still have that $110 Two-character special going on, plus the DP specials. CONTACT ME about those. Also, I may try an afternoon live stream today. Anybody want a drawing?


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just received an email from Google. They plan to get even MORE aggressive about adult content on Blogger starting on June 30th. Fuck these guys. I'm so sick of this Sunday school shit. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

World War Z?

I went ahead and saw World War Z yesterday, and it was entertaining enough. The plot was the same as any plague-genre movie. I mean EXACTLY the same, scene-for-scene. The differences were in the details and the scale. Several things happened that I didn't expect, which alone is interesting. I haven't seen "zombies" animated in such huge numbers before, or with such unique collective movement.

The movie changed sharply half way through and became a different film. New plot, new cast, everything. It's like it was two episodes of a mini-series stapled together. The transition scene was entirely unbelievable, too.

It ends just as you would expect, with one guy having one brilliant idea, which could never really work, but which immediately results in a "cure" that is sent all over the world next day, in exactly the way medical discoveries never happen.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chloe Sullivan in suspension bondage

I never watched the Superboy TV show (correction: SMALLVILLE), but I've gotten several commission orders for this character. Chloe apparently has a knack for getting into trouble.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

I found a livestreaming service called Camcada, who have a free test account that I've successfully tested this afternoon.

HOWEVER, the first entry in their Terms of Service is this:
"Under no circumstances will the storage and transmission of pornographic materials in any form whatsoever be allowed through or on Camcada, Inc. servers and data transmission cables. The term and content of “pornographic materials”, is purely at the discretion of the Directors of Camcada, Inc. Their decision in such matters is full and final."



Big-Boob Star Trek Lesbians

Always fun!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DP commission slots

I’ll open up 6 new bargain commission slots. Double penetration theme, like the one I just posted. Get your female toon DP’ed for $80. CONTACT ME!


Bunny-Girl DP

I don't think this needs further explanation. LOL.

I’ll open up 6 new bargain commission slots. Double penetration theme, like this one. Get your female toon DP’ed for $80. CONTACT ME!


Fay from Cowboy Bebop

Reposting another lost piece from early 2012. This is the only Cowboy Bebop commission I've ever done. Of course, Fay has the trademark Ultra Fem tits!

Started feeling sick again shortly after starting up the chatroom last night. Went back to bed. Almost finished a new piece, so I'll get it done today. Contact me about new drawings! ***

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sorry guys, I've gotten almost nothing done the last few days. Spent most of the time in bed feeling lousy. I should have a couple of pieces done today, though. I made my rent, thanks to some store sales, so thanks everybody! Now I need to sell some of those couples drawings again today. CONTACT ME! ***