Friday, June 28, 2013

Remember, I still have that $110 Two-character special going on, plus the DP specials. CONTACT ME about those. Also, I may try an afternoon live stream today. Anybody want a drawing?



  1. I am interested in a DP commission.
    Though, on your "Contact Ultra Fem!" page, I don't receive any verification number. Hope to hear about any possible solution.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I haven't received any recent requests for a DP drawing, by email or otherwise. And you need to leave contact info if you want a reply.

    2. Yes. Well, I have been trying to contact you through the form. But it would seem that 123contactform is down, or something. Because I really don't receive any verification number, nor does it work to send without it, the page cannot be found.

      So I start looking for an e-mail adress of yours, I am probably just being horribly bad, but I can't find any mail. So, here I am!

    3. "Verification Number?" Oh, you need to type in the code you see in the image at the bottom of the form.

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