Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A story I missed! —

In April, Christina Hendricks was voted "America's Best-Looking Woman" by WOMEN!!! In a poll conducted by Esquire, she beat out Jessica Alba AND Megan Fox! By just a WHOLE LOT!

This is awesome! Hee-hee!

Oh, and here's another Esquire story from 2009.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm not a Katy Perry fan...
but this is a hot photo.

Just hot!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Betty, Veronica and Cheryl —
Remember that post I made last week about B&V?? One of my visitors saw it and wondered what the rest of that evening would look like. He ordered the following:

One of my best! I looooooved doing it!

Waitress —
I watched a strange little movie last night called Waitress, from 2007, starring Keri Russell. Not at all the sort of thing I'd normally watch. I don't remember why I picked it up, honestly. I'm glad I did, though. It's one of those quirky little independent comedy/dramas that seem to come out of thin air and somehow be REALLY good. There were parts of the movie where I was seriously ready to turn it off, but there were also parts where I was laughing out loud really hard.

One of the major plot-lines involved a situation/outcome that I would usually interpret as intolerably "Christian pro-life," but in this film it didn't strike me that way. I don't know why, really. Maybe the rest of the film was just too good.

The thing that floored me most was when Andy Griffith appeared suddenly as the cantankerous old restaurant owner. If he was in the opening credits, I totally missed it, so it was a complete surprise for me. I love it when that happens. And he was funny all the way through the film.

In case you need some incentive to bother with it, that guy from Firefly is also in the movie. What's his name? Nathan Fillion, yeah.

And you should read the WikiPedia about the writer/director, too.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

$45 Color Commissions! SOLD OUT this week! —
$45 full color commissions. Add $25 for 2 characters. CONTACT ME!
=== $5 sketches are STILL AVAILABLE, too! ===
  1. Jessika in trouble - DONE!
  2. Rogue breastfeeds Deadpool - DONE!
  3. Batgirl blows Deadpool - DONE!
  4. Betty, Veronica and Cheryl - DONE! - Link
  5. She-Hulk blows Red She-Hulk - DONE! - Link
  6. Purple Dom with 2 subs - DONE!
  7. Cockmilking Nurse gets a Redhead Apprentice - DONE! - Link
  8. Troll futa and Draenei futa - DONE!
  9. Purgy and Cole - DONE! - Link
  10. Troll futa with human man - DONE!
        Questions? Look at MY RULES.


        Wednesday, June 23, 2010

        This 'Draw Muhammad' thing isn't over —
        Everybody should know by now how I feel about Islam and it's artist-murdering bullshit. So you can guess my reaction to THIS and THIS. Lengthy rant to come...


        Tuesday, June 22, 2010

        Lisa's List of Greatest Things Ever —
        In no particular order.
        I will add to this periodically. Keep coming back!

        The greatest VIDEO on the internet.
        The greatest IMAGE on the internet.
        The greatest BOOK ever published.
        The greatest TOY ever made.
        The greatest COLORING BOOK of all time.
        The greatest MOVIE POSTER of all time.
        The greatest BOARD GAME ever made.
        The greatest Filipino Superheroine ever.
        The greatest B-Movie Actress ever.
        The greatest TV SHOW of all time.
        The greatest CARTOON SERIES ever.
        The greatest Unexplainable Animation on the internet.
        The greatest SCIENCE SERIES of all time.
        The greatest Rocket Launch FAIL VIDEO ever.
        The greatest Russian MUSIC VIDEO of all time.
        The greatest SILENT MOVIE of all time.
        The greatest CARL SAGAN REMIX ever.
        The greatest PERSON ever.
        The greatest DOG HUMPING video on the internet.
        The greatest SCI-FI MOVIE ever made.
        The greatest BREASTS in the world today.
        The greatest CARTOON CHARACTER ever designed.
        The greatest SHOE DESIGN ever.
        The greatest TASER VIDEO on the internet.
        The greatest LUNCH BOX ever made.
        The greatest ARCADE GAME ever made.
        The greatest DOMAIN NAME on the internet.
        The greatest COSTUME ever made.
        The greatest Tarzan Musical ever made.
        The greatest 70s RETRO site on the internet.
        The greatest Nancy Drew book ever published.
        The greatest Tragedy-Based Toy ever thought up.
        The greatest DEATH MATCH of all time.
        The greatest STALKER SONG ever.
        The greatest Song-from-hell-that-won't-leave-your-head ever.
        The greatest QUOTE ABOUT NINJAS on the internet.
        The greatest STORY ABOUT NINJAS ever written.
        The greatest CAT TOY. Period.
        The greatest SUDDEN REALIZATION ever experienced.
        The greatest FEMINIST in the known universe.
        The greatest GODZILLA site on the internet.
        The greatest BREAKFAST CEREALS as voted by fans.
        The greatest YETI TOY ever created.
        The greatest TABLE ever.
        The greatest CHAIR of all time.
        The greatest PUMPKIN DROP video.
        The greatest PIZZA CUTTER imaginable.
        The greatest MUPPET production ever.
        The greatest EWOK ever.
        The greatest LEGO Creations ever made.
        The greatest RADIO SHOW of all time.
        The greatest PODCAST on the internet.
        The greatest Independent Animated Feature ever made.
        The greatest 8-Bit Music Video ever made.
        The greatest LIP BALM imaginable.
        The greatest Cartoon About Pianos ever made.
        The greatest TEXT GAME. Period.
        The greatest Lawrence Welk / Bruce Lee Almost-Crossover ever.
        The greatest ACTION FIGURE of all time. Period.
        The greatest T-SHIRT design ever imagined.
        The greatest Toy Story mashup ever.
        The greatest Barbie Mod ever made.
        The greatest Muppet Drawing ever. Period.
        The greatest Disney Short ever made. There'll never be better.
        The greatest DRAWING I have ever seen.
        The greatest Reaction Shot ever.
        The greatest Doll Clothes ever made.
        The greatest Rubik's Cube Mod ever made.
        The greatest THANK YOU of all time.
        The greatest NASCAR Prayer ever Songified.
        The greatest Christmas Postcard ever designed.
        The greatest Asian Breasts on the planet.


        Monday, June 21, 2010

        B and V just get better and better! —
        Saw this at the grocery check-out today. As if Archie Comics weren't sexual enough!

        Let's see... two hot teen girls putting another hot teen girl in a maid uniform...
        NOPE! Nothing inappropriate here!

        UPDATE! This cover art inspired a COMMISSION!!!


        Sunday, June 20, 2010

        150 Commissions! —
        This weekend, I sailed past commission #150 for the year! When I hit #200, it will be time for the "Complete Lisa 2010, Part 2" collection!

        Deadpool and Rogue —
        Just a sweet little commission piece!


        Saturday, June 19, 2010

        The Pinnacle —
        My most recent $5 SKETCH!

        You know you want this!

        $45 Color Commissions SOLD OUT this week! —
        $45 full color commissions. Add $25 for 2 characters. CONTACT ME!
        === $5 sketches are STILL AVAILABLE, too! ===
        1. Evil Felicia sandwich - DONE!
        2. Blue and Jessica Rabbit - DONE!
        3. Watamaraka and Zodiark 69 - DONE! - Link
        4. Bondage Domme with 2 subs - DONE!
        5. Aunt May and Anna Watson futa foot fetish - DONE!
        6. Jessika breastfeeding Chlorr - DONE!
        7. futa Aisha from Outlaw Star - DONE!
        8. masturbating Troll futa - DONE!
        Questions? Look at MY RULES.


        Friday, June 18, 2010

        That's my sistah! She's a WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN! —
        Now THIS is how you make a movie poster! (RE: previous post)

        (Foxy Brown is a kick-ass movie! If you ain't seen it, go get it!)

        Movie Poster FAIL —
        I found this while browsing the other day. "The Beast the Killed Women?" Ugh!

        Obviously, these guys were trying to be titillating, as any good movie maker should, but... JESUS, they failed in SO many ways! Clumsy and laughable attempt at salesmanship. Not even laughable, really. Just FAIL. They've got all the expected elements: monsters, nudity, women in peril, giant wobbly letters, everything you need, but... some subtlety, please? You're supposed to IMPLY death, not just come out and SAY it! And you don't hire your 14-year-old nephew to draw the poster. God.

        I googled this Barry Mahon guy, and he apparently used a number of pseudonyms and made nudist pictures as well as horror and even CHILDREN'S movies. Including THIS truly awful Wizard of Oz sequel.

        There's no nostalgia or thrill-of-discovery factor here. I'm sorry I ever saw this.


        Thursday, June 17, 2010

        Batman XXX —
        LOL, how did I miss this?

        Live Streaming has been Successful! —
        I started up live streaming again a couple of weeks ago, and this week I've streamed almost every night. It's been fun and successful. I've developed a stable of regulars who seem to come for the music as much as the art. Last night, the room was full to capacity and stayed that way for the whole 3 hours! I certainly didn't expect that!

        I've been using a new service called WatchTail that's easy and works great, and I very much want to support them... but the viewer limit is 14. I can certainly understand that a small new service would need a limit like that, but I'll have to try LiveStream again to see if I can get more people in. (I got banned from U-Stream a few days ago. Heh.)

        UPDATE: Ah, I remember now why I stopped using LiveStream! The viewers see incessant video ads that cover the whole screen! Tonight there were never more than 8 or 9 viewers because they couldn't stand it! So even limited to 14 viewers, WatchTail will be better. See you there next time!


        Wednesday, June 16, 2010

        Wolverine story —
        I love it when I find something new and entertaining in comics! This is one of those things!


        Commission Guidelines

        To see TONS of samples, CLICK HERE!

        First of all, DO NOT SEND MONEY without contacting me first.

        Second, I am boycotting Marvel/Disney/StarWars characters. Here are some of the reasons:
              LINK       LINK       LINK       LINK

        I'll draw just about anything involving sex, with only a few exceptions. Most of them are obvious, I think. Some of my art in the past has pushed these boundaries, but those cases were often the reason for the rule.

        The Short Version: I won't do gore, scat, pee, children, necro, bestiality or rape.

        The Long Version: For those of you who won't be happy with the short version...
        • GORE - This means any kind of blood or injury. For me, it includes over-stretching and "X-ray" views of internal organs. Pregnancy is out, too. NEW RULE: One dick, one hole. Double vaginal and double anal, to me, mean overstretching and injury, and I don't want to do them.
        • SCAT and PEE - If you don't know what this means... (eye roll). Urethra sex is off-limits. This includes 'corking.'
        • CHILDREN - Any character that is pre-pubescent is unacceptable. Of course, there are always cases where this status is debatable. And then there are long-established cartoon characters that are neither/nor. I'll take it case-by-case. Again, pregnancy is out.
        • NECRO - Dead bodies. This includes characters "pretending" to be dead. And it certainly includes zombies
        • BESTIALITY - This is a tough one. I draw furries and fantasy characters all the time. What I WON'T do is "realistic" animals with "realistic" people. If you'll take a look at my existing work, you'll see that I only draw human genitalia on my furries. I won't do "dog knots" or other non-human cocks. Again, I'll take this case-by-case.
        • RAPE - This refers to any non-consensual sex. It does NOT include intense sexual activities like bondage, domination, submission and other kinds of play. "Play rape" is out, though. The word "rape" does not mean "play." Ever. That's the key realization I've come to. Believe me, I am well aware of how restrictive this could be in my field. Work with me on it, and we'll find a solution.
        • I am Off-Limits - Didn't think I'd have to write this one. Guess I should have known. Don't ask for pictures of me, and don't ask for DRAWINGS of me. Don't ask for personal details, either.
        • Never ask me WHY - I don't owe you an explanation. When I say NO, that's the end of it.

        Likenesses - I'm very good at capturing likenesses of real people, and I love doing it. Unless we're dealing with a porn star or sex model, however, I will limit real people to nude pinups, with costumes and/or light bondage. I've done hardcore sex with real people's faces before, and I regret it.

        Corrections / Re-Draws - I generally won't make changes to a drawing that's already finished. Unless I missed something important or did something just plain wrong, I won't go back to a drawing once I consider it done. When I start a drawing, I usually complete it in a single sitting. Stopping to get approval on sketches can stretch the process out for days. Asking me to change one little thing after-the-fact won't meet with my approval.

        Sketch vs. Color - If you want a full-color drawing, please wait until you have the money for it. Don't buy a $20 sketch and ask me to color it later at a discounted price. I approach sketches very differently than color art, so I'll have to start over anyway.

        Waiting List - You get on the list when you pay in full. Since October of 2010, my waiting list has become quite long. It can take months for me to get to your drawing. I've cut way back on my intake, but it will just have to be that way.

        Dispute Resolution - Let me make this clear: IF YOU ISSUE A MONEY DISPUTE WITHOUT TALKING TO ME FIRST, I WILL BAN YOU FOREVER. PERIOD. If you have a question or problem, ASK ME ABOUT IT FIRST.  

        To reserve your commission, CONTACT ME!


        Tuesday, June 15, 2010

        You're doing it wrong —
        I've said before how I'd like to see more breastfeeding. I was talking about erotica. I've drawn it and written it. THIS is NOT what I wanted. These assholes ruin everything.


        Monday, June 14, 2010

        Evil Jessica is back! —
        It's been a long time since I drew Jessica Rabbit! And even longer since I drew her evil twin! Put her together with Evil Felicia and we'll see who's MOST evil! Here's the work in progress!

        The finished art is HERE. It came out extra epic!


        Sunday, June 13, 2010

        Xanadu 2 —
        Just a little joke... it happened while I was drawing live online tonight. Heh.

        If you've never seen Xanadu, GO GET IT. It's the greatest of the worst movies ever made. And it's a MUSICAL!


        Friday, June 11, 2010

        Kathy Griffin makes me laugh —
        I love Kathy Griffin's Bravo specials! This is one I hadn't seen before! LOL!

        $45 Color Commissions! CLOSED for this week —
        $45 full color commissions. Add $25 for 2 characters. CONTACT ME!
        === $5 sketches are STILL AVAILABLE, too! ===
        1. Purgy and Boss Vipra - DONE!
        2. Carrera and Watamaraka boob hug - DONE!
        3. Evil Jessica schools Evil Felicia - DONE! - Link
        4. Kim Possible/Shego wet Sixty-Nine - DONE! - Link
        5. Deadpool and Rogue - DONE! - Link

        Thursday, June 10, 2010

        Orias Bastet —
        Everybody visit my awesome friend Orias! She's coming to FetishCon, too, and she needs sponsors!

        She has her eye on this amazing costume!

        I've mentioned her before, after last year's Con. Here's her ModelMayhem site:
        She's been through some serious shit, and it hasn't kept her down!

        New She-Male art set —
        It's Thursday already?? How do I lose entire weeks??
        Anyway! New package! 50 Futas 2: Electric Boogaloo!
        45 commission drawings from the last 5 months, most of them unpublished, PLUS 5 all-new she-males created JUST FOR THIS COLLECTION! I picked 5 of the sexiest women from this year's commissions and put them through the Futanator 6000 exclusively for this set! I will not publish or sell them ANYWHERE ELSE!

        "50 Futas part 1" is available HERE.


        Wednesday, June 9, 2010

        LOL! Just LOL! —
        This is probably the strangest commission I've done! Very unnatural pose! Hacking those screen caps together for the background was a bizarre experience! But then, PORTAL is a bizarre world!

        The customer's first request was for the Draenei to be doing herself doggie style. Not only could I not figure out how to draw that, I couldn't even IMAGINE it! The customer tried to sketch what he had in mind, but gave up! It would be like one of those impossible endless staircase drawings. (Go ahead! Try it yourself! There's a LOT of problems with the idea!)

        The end result is quite funny and satisfying, I think! (Even though she appears to be floating! Not what I intended, but...)


        Tuesday, June 8, 2010

        Then and Now —
        I posted this "Character Development Meme" on a couple of my galleries, and people seem to like it a lot. I do, too. The most striking thing, if you ask me, is how little Ultra Fem has changed. My style and technique have grown, to be sure, but Ultra herself emerged pretty much complete. Her costume and hair have seen only slight adjustments in her five years. My skin tones back then were SO yellow! I was using a small LCD monitor back in 2005, and it made things look quite a bit different, but I can't use that as an excuse. Also, Ultra's feet and fists looked like concrete blocks, LOL!

        One trick I learned pretty quickly was to never use pure white in a costume. You'll notice the new art has an off-white, almost beige tone, instead of white areas. This is so I can add highlights and shine. If the space is pure white, highlights won't show. You can see the same off-white technique development in the Big Girl art below.

        I had actually forgotten about the original Big Girl concept art! I had totally forgotten making her full-on yellow-blonde! Her skin was too yellow, of course, and her body was too muscular. Too much like Ultra. I definitely DO remember changing her costume from that harsh orange to a more subdued brown. It's easier on the eyes, and I think it looks classy, too. My back-story is that Big Girl's costume is one of Ultra's rejected versions. That's why it's the same design.

        One thing I worked hard at over the years, and one of the things I'm most proud of, is how different all my girls are. Their faces are unique, and purposely so. You can't mistake them for one another, and I think that's important. I didn't want to fall into the lazy-artist trap of making a whole cast of characters with interchangeable faces, like so many comics and anime artists do.

        I'll make more of these later!


        Monday, June 7, 2010

        I don't do trades —
        I've rarely had other artists ask me to do a trade with them, but when they do, I turn them down. I don't have time for it. I need to spend all of my drawing time on stuff that makes money. If you ever see me do a trade, it's because I'm the one who asked for it.

        Now, if YOU ever talk an artist into a trade, for shit sake, be NICE to that artist! Seems like common sense, right?

        I let myself get talked into a trade this weekend. The asking artist was complimentary of my work, and her work was cute, too. I said no, but she proposed a sketch trade instead. I've been wanting more sketches to add to my 100 Sketches Project. They only take a few minutes, AND I was feeling good about the compliments. I was in a good mood, so I agreed, and I did the sketch the next day.

        What do you think I got in return? Insults! My "half" of the deal "left something to be desired!" I told her to keep her "half." I don't want it. And her place on my 100 list is revoked .

        See, I forgot one of the cardinal rules of online art: "The beggars are the biggest thieves."

        And don't any of YOU forget my #1 rule: "If you're an asshole, I'll be a dick, and I will FUCK YOU."

        NO TRADES.

        P.S. - Hey, bitch, did you REALLY think I'd let you post comments here? REALLY?!

        The Penis/Vagina Theory —
        I don't agree with Bill Maher on everything, but I LOVE his 'New Rules' segment! This one from last Friday is especially good!


        Sunday, June 6, 2010

        I've made a decision...
        I'm not going to use the word "rape" anymore. And I'll no longer draw "involuntary" situations, either. A couple of weeks ago, I read this tremendous essay called Rape Culture 101 which made me really think about the subject. I haven't used the r-word often, but when I did, I fell into a conceit about it being "just play," like all the other bondage and domination situations I depict. But it isn't, and I shouldn't.

        The image at right is a recently completed commission, and a good example. Changing the words used to describe it really can't change what's clearly happening there. In the future, I'll have to make sure each scene is obviously voluntary.

        Oh certainly, I will continue to draw intense and filthy sexual scenes, FOR SURE! ;) I will simply avoid trivializing this particular issue. Those of you who have worked with me know I won't draw blood or mutilation, and the same goes for children. This new decision is in the same vein. Whatever I or the customer may intend, the subject is off limits.


        Thursday, June 3, 2010

        100 Sketches Project —
        I'm still doing $5 sketches! (Go HERE for details.) And I'll keep it up until I've done 100! Here are some recent examples!


        Wednesday, June 2, 2010

        Dinosaur details —
        Here are some large, more detailed images from last night's wallpaper upload. I felt there was a lot of subtle detail that just didn't show in the regular size.


        Tuesday, June 1, 2010

        June 2010 Wallpaper —
        Big Girl vs. Tyrannosaurus!
        This commission is the result of the contest I had last week. One of the suggestions mentioned the classic Coppertone ad, and what with Big Girl being 50 feet tall, it had to be somebody BIG giving her the business!

        Poor Big Girl! She's the newest, least experienced and most emotionally vulnerable of the team. She's also the most "visible!" So of course the accidental public nudity always happens to her!