Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Ultimate Guide to ULTRA FEM

(updated Dec 2013)

The world's greatest superheroine, undisputed.

Height: 6’2”
Age: early or mid-30s
Sexuality: Bi, Dominant
Sidekick: Under Girl

• Super strength
• Invulnerability
• Flight
• X-Ray & Heat vision
• Super speed
• Enhanced senses

• Unknown
• Raised as an orphan among
• Originally known as Ultra Girl

• Former junior member of
   Capital Idea, the world's
   premiere superhero team
• Founder and leader of the
   Ultra Fem Five
• De facto ruler of Ultra City
• Authorities and elected officials
   have learned to COOPERATE
   with her
• Known to carry on a relationship
   with The Pinnacle, the world's first
   and greatest superhero

For more Ultra Fem art, CLICK HERE


Ultra Fem's favorite music:

$35 color commissions CLOSED for this week! —
I'm pretty far behind, too, as you can see!
So next week's list will open when I'm done...
  1. Felicia She-Male self-suck - DONE! - Link1 - Link2
  2. Felicia She-Male + dildo - DONE!
  3. Bound Catfight 2 - DONE!
  4. Felicia She-Male + man - DONE!
  5. Blood Elf She-Male + man - DONE! - Link
  6. Bound /Gagged Draenei girls - DONE!
  7. Felicia She-Male bound and gagged - DONE!
  8. Two Wolves - DONE! - Link
  9. She-Male-Hulk vs. Purgy - DONE! - Link
  10. Nega-Koopa - DONE!  - Link

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mizz Bellum —

NOT my art, but I LOVE IT! For some time, I've wanted to attempt the perfect Mizz Bellum drawing, but Evanight over at Hentai-Foundry beat me to it! (For those of you who don't know, she's from Power Puff Girls!)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

H. P. Lovecraft weekly podcast —
My favorite radio show on the internet!
Here's a commercial!

Here's the site!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Whew! —
I finished THREE commissions tonight! I tackled the three "Devil Jessica" quickies from last week's commissions list. The customer asked for some fetish positions inspired by the art of Eric Stanton. He's another famous fetish artist whom I've heard of but not studied. I have to admit, they were kind of fun! One of them is sampled at right. See? Fun and weird!

I'm REALLY tired of drawing Jessica Rabbit!
I know... I didn't think it would happen!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cavewoman! —
I didn't complete 3 quickies today like I wanted to :(
But I DID complete 2, and I also completed the large Cavewoman pencil commission I've been sketching on for a while now. Interesting piece. It's LARGE! 11x17! And it was fun! I pride myself on being able to make my art look like the style of the original artist, and Budd Root suits me very well! This was my first Cavewoman commission, and I have to say I like her! I will happily do her again!
Bound Cat Fight! —

I don't usually publish commissions here, but this one was so unique and fun, I thought I should. And they are ACTUAL WOMEN! Not she-males!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Ultra Fem art! —

Another new piece in development. Ultra herself! I've been doing TONS of art recently, but very little of Ultra. This art is based on some of the life drawing I did last week. It will ultimately be used in a new header graphic for this blog.
Martian Manhater sketch —

Here's a piece I'm working on. It was inspired by a photograph I saw online, by an artist named Lev Dolgachov. He has a whole series of these stark, unnatural poses! For years now, I've never gotten the Manhater's poses right, there's just always been something missing. I never thought I'd find what I wanted in a HUMAN photo!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

$35 color commissions all this week! —
6pm Tuesday, and this week is SOLD OUT! Next week's list will begin sales on Sunday.
  1. Alien She-Male Teacher - DONE! - Link
  2. Purgy + Gambit (again) - DONE! - Link
  3. She-Male Felicia + man - DONE!
  4. Another She-Male Jessica + man - DONE!
  5. Queen Amidala She-Male - DONE! - Link1 - Link2 - Link3
  6. bound catfight - DONE! - Link
  7. Amidala bound - DONE! - Link
  8. Devil Jessica + slave - DONE! - Link
  9. Devil Jessica + slave - DONE!
  10. Devil Jessica + slave - DONE!
  11. Draenei She-Male 69 - DONE! - Link
  12. Blood Elf She-Male - DONE!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life drawing —
It's been WAY too long since I sat down with a model and did some life drawing. I finally did some last Wednesday when I got together with a female bodybuilder. These are some of the sketches I made. Good stuff! And educational!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

$30 color commissions from last week! —
All of last week's $30 quickie commissions are done! (Except for one, which is reserved for a future date.) Tomorrow, I will start taking reservations for NEXT WEEK!
  1. - Princess Natalie - DONE! - Link
  2. - Draenei futa - DONE! - Link
  3. - Velute - DONE! - Link
  4. - Dreanei futa + priestess - DONE!
  5. - Milking She-Male Jessica - DONE! - Link
  6. - She-Male Jessica + man - DONE!
  7. - Rain6637 - DONE! - Link
  8. - RESERVED: To Be Announced...
  9. - Princess Natalie she-male - DONE! - Link
  10. - Purgy + Gambit Team-Up - DONE! - Link
  11. - She-Male Jessica + man (Again!) - DONE!
  12. - She-Male Jessica Dominatrix - DONE!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Damn you, 7-11! —
You have found my weakness, 7-11! You have discovered the very thing that would make me enter your doors! The thing that would make me pay money for a worthless plastic cup! Cannot... resist... Domo Kun...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Girl! —

As I said last week, the one remaining member of the Ultra Fem Five whom I have yet to redesign is Big Girl! Well, here's preview of what's coming!

When I created Big Girl back in 2005, she was just a throwaway. I needed a fifth member of the Five, and I didn't have any other ideas. But since then, she has become a real favorite of mine, with one of the most complex personalities and full backgrounds. Watch for more!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tampa Bay Derby Darlins —

I took this picture at the roller derby last Saturday. It's the local Cigar City Mafia (in white) vs. the visiting Bradentucky Bombers from Sarasota. The Mafia won handily! As I said before, I'm not a sports fan. I think what I like about roller derby is it's "localness." I mean, the fact that it has such a small following. The competitions I've been to, there are almost as many competitors as spectators, and that's a GOOD thing! There's no million-dollar careers at stake, so in the end, it can all just be fun. Big commercial sports aren't "sports," they're products. Oh, and the athletes are ADULTS! "Little Leagues" are horror shows, if you ask me. Next season, support your local roller derby!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

The New Under Girl —
Anyone who remembers the original Ultra Fem discussion groups back in 2005-06 will know that Ultra Fem's sidekick Under Girl is absolutely essential for the series. Can't have Ultra Fem without Under Girl.

They'll also remember how much trouble I had with Under Girl. I've never had a really clear idea of what Under Girl should look like. She's always been kind of generic. Ultra Fem, Night Mistress, The Scratch and Big Girl are all very clear in my mind, and I know exactly what I want when I draw them. Even Batboy and Cattail, the other sidekicks, are very firm for me. But Under Girl has escaped me all this time. When it was UG's turn for a redesign, I didn't know what to do, so she's remained on the shelf.

At FetishCon last August, I met a model named Zeek who had a very young look, and I thought I'd try using her as a starting point. It didn't really work. BUT THEN... while browsing for other stuff a couple of weeks ago, I saw... THIS:

I went, "OH MY GOD!!!! IT'S UNDER GIRL!!!!" I showed these pictures to a friend of mine, and said, "Look! It's Under Girl!" And she said, "Ooo! Yeah!"

I normally don't use photos as a base layer for a drawing, but this girl... Jeez, I don't have to change ANYTHING! I did these tracings to prove my point. SEE?!!

So sorry, Zeek.

Friday, October 9, 2009

About Bill Ward —

A new customer ordered a drawing, and he told me how much he liked the art style of Bill Ward. Being a cartoonist, of course I know who Bill Ward is, and I've always liked his art. But I'd never really made a STUDY of it. So when I looked him up this week, I was flabbergasted! Wow! Apparently, Jessica Rabbit owes her very EXISTENCE to Bill Ward! I had no idea!!

I've added Bill Ward's official site to my favorite artist list at right. I also found a HUGE 11-page collection of Ward's art. Interestingly, it's part of a larger site devoted exclusively to OPERA GLOVES. (They're called "opera gloves," huh? That is so fucking HOT! See?? We can learn new words every day on the internet!)

Here are the pages. HOT STUFF!!!
Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4Page 5Page 6 - Page 7 - Page 8 - Page 9 - Page 10 - Page 11

The Countess says NO —

An art trade I did with Jordi, creator of Enchantae! I liked "The Countess" as soon as I saw her. She hates you, and you're not getting any. (Although everybody in Enchantae seems to...)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

'Big Girl' is back! —

Here's a wallpaper I made back in 2005. I still like it, so here it is again! Big Girl is the only senior member of the Ultra Fem Five whom I have not yet redesigned. Actually, she doesn't need a redesign, I've always liked her the way she is, but she DOES need some updated drawings. Look for them!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ultra Fem by Jordi —

Spanish artist Jordi did this fantastic drawing of Ultra! Jordi is creator of the popular online adult comic!
I love fan art of Ultra and her friends! If you want to draw Ultra, JUST DO IT!

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Whip It!" What a fun movie! —

I was excited about 'Whip It,' and I wasn't disappointed for a change. I laughed all the way through it. Every review I've read has been positive, but they all peg it as a "formula movie." It is NOT! Just go see it!

Some of the local players from the Tampa Derby Darlins were at the theater signing T-shirts and posters. My little Nokia PDA wasn't made for taking pictures, but it does have a little webcam on it!