Friday, June 18, 2010

Movie Poster FAIL —
I found this while browsing the other day. "The Beast the Killed Women?" Ugh!

Obviously, these guys were trying to be titillating, as any good movie maker should, but... JESUS, they failed in SO many ways! Clumsy and laughable attempt at salesmanship. Not even laughable, really. Just FAIL. They've got all the expected elements: monsters, nudity, women in peril, giant wobbly letters, everything you need, but... some subtlety, please? You're supposed to IMPLY death, not just come out and SAY it! And you don't hire your 14-year-old nephew to draw the poster. God.

I googled this Barry Mahon guy, and he apparently used a number of pseudonyms and made nudist pictures as well as horror and even CHILDREN'S movies. Including THIS truly awful Wizard of Oz sequel.

There's no nostalgia or thrill-of-discovery factor here. I'm sorry I ever saw this.


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