Sunday, June 27, 2010

Waitress —
I watched a strange little movie last night called Waitress, from 2007, starring Keri Russell. Not at all the sort of thing I'd normally watch. I don't remember why I picked it up, honestly. I'm glad I did, though. It's one of those quirky little independent comedy/dramas that seem to come out of thin air and somehow be REALLY good. There were parts of the movie where I was seriously ready to turn it off, but there were also parts where I was laughing out loud really hard.

One of the major plot-lines involved a situation/outcome that I would usually interpret as intolerably "Christian pro-life," but in this film it didn't strike me that way. I don't know why, really. Maybe the rest of the film was just too good.

The thing that floored me most was when Andy Griffith appeared suddenly as the cantankerous old restaurant owner. If he was in the opening credits, I totally missed it, so it was a complete surprise for me. I love it when that happens. And he was funny all the way through the film.

In case you need some incentive to bother with it, that guy from Firefly is also in the movie. What's his name? Nathan Fillion, yeah.

And you should read the WikiPedia about the writer/director, too.


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  1. "Film4" is how i found out about this movie; also just watched it within the past few months.

    Didn't you just LOVE her husband in the movie? WOW...I mean, Good..Loving...Supportive..Criminal Ike PIMP (sigh) i Rrreeally have no words.

    Anyway, i am usually skeptical when watching indie flicks & such, but thought this was really cool. Oh especially her Pie-Naming (Lol).

    Looove the way you just chucked in Mr.Fillion like an Afterthought (Lol) Like "Oh btw, you know that one guy, that was in that one series-movie-ish thing that one time?" (Lol)

    Seriously though, anyone else who reads this, try the movie out; you may need a little patience to see it through to most of the good parts though