Monday, June 7, 2010

I don't do trades —
I've rarely had other artists ask me to do a trade with them, but when they do, I turn them down. I don't have time for it. I need to spend all of my drawing time on stuff that makes money. If you ever see me do a trade, it's because I'm the one who asked for it.

Now, if YOU ever talk an artist into a trade, for shit sake, be NICE to that artist! Seems like common sense, right?

I let myself get talked into a trade this weekend. The asking artist was complimentary of my work, and her work was cute, too. I said no, but she proposed a sketch trade instead. I've been wanting more sketches to add to my 100 Sketches Project. They only take a few minutes, AND I was feeling good about the compliments. I was in a good mood, so I agreed, and I did the sketch the next day.

What do you think I got in return? Insults! My "half" of the deal "left something to be desired!" I told her to keep her "half." I don't want it. And her place on my 100 list is revoked .

See, I forgot one of the cardinal rules of online art: "The beggars are the biggest thieves."

And don't any of YOU forget my #1 rule: "If you're an asshole, I'll be a dick, and I will FUCK YOU."


P.S. - Hey, bitch, did you REALLY think I'd let you post comments here? REALLY?!


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  1. That sucks that you got burned on your end. But trades *can* be fun. I do understand and respect your opinion.

    I should've read this before I sent that note on your DA page ^^;