Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Commission Guidelines

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First of all, DO NOT SEND MONEY without contacting me first.

Second, I am boycotting Marvel/Disney/StarWars characters. Here are some of the reasons:
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I'll draw just about anything involving sex, with only a few exceptions. Most of them are obvious, I think. Some of my art in the past has pushed these boundaries, but those cases were often the reason for the rule.

The Short Version: I won't do gore, scat, pee, children, necro, bestiality or rape.

The Long Version: For those of you who won't be happy with the short version...
  • GORE - This means any kind of blood or injury. For me, it includes over-stretching and "X-ray" views of internal organs. Pregnancy is out, too. NEW RULE: One dick, one hole. Double vaginal and double anal, to me, mean overstretching and injury, and I don't want to do them.
  • SCAT and PEE - If you don't know what this means... (eye roll). Urethra sex is off-limits. This includes 'corking.'
  • CHILDREN - Any character that is pre-pubescent is unacceptable. Of course, there are always cases where this status is debatable. And then there are long-established cartoon characters that are neither/nor. I'll take it case-by-case. Again, pregnancy is out.
  • NECRO - Dead bodies. This includes characters "pretending" to be dead. And it certainly includes zombies
  • BESTIALITY - This is a tough one. I draw furries and fantasy characters all the time. What I WON'T do is "realistic" animals with "realistic" people. If you'll take a look at my existing work, you'll see that I only draw human genitalia on my furries. I won't do "dog knots" or other non-human cocks. Again, I'll take this case-by-case.
  • RAPE - This refers to any non-consensual sex. It does NOT include intense sexual activities like bondage, domination, submission and other kinds of play. "Play rape" is out, though. The word "rape" does not mean "play." Ever. That's the key realization I've come to. Believe me, I am well aware of how restrictive this could be in my field. Work with me on it, and we'll find a solution.
  • I am Off-Limits - Didn't think I'd have to write this one. Guess I should have known. Don't ask for pictures of me, and don't ask for DRAWINGS of me. Don't ask for personal details, either.
  • Never ask me WHY - I don't owe you an explanation. When I say NO, that's the end of it.

Likenesses - I'm very good at capturing likenesses of real people, and I love doing it. Unless we're dealing with a porn star or sex model, however, I will limit real people to nude pinups, with costumes and/or light bondage. I've done hardcore sex with real people's faces before, and I regret it.

Corrections / Re-Draws - I generally won't make changes to a drawing that's already finished. Unless I missed something important or did something just plain wrong, I won't go back to a drawing once I consider it done. When I start a drawing, I usually complete it in a single sitting. Stopping to get approval on sketches can stretch the process out for days. Asking me to change one little thing after-the-fact won't meet with my approval.

Sketch vs. Color - If you want a full-color drawing, please wait until you have the money for it. Don't buy a $20 sketch and ask me to color it later at a discounted price. I approach sketches very differently than color art, so I'll have to start over anyway.

Waiting List - You get on the list when you pay in full. Since October of 2010, my waiting list has become quite long. It can take months for me to get to your drawing. I've cut way back on my intake, but it will just have to be that way.

Dispute Resolution - Let me make this clear: IF YOU ISSUE A MONEY DISPUTE WITHOUT TALKING TO ME FIRST, I WILL BAN YOU FOREVER. PERIOD. If you have a question or problem, ASK ME ABOUT IT FIRST.  

To reserve your commission, CONTACT ME!


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