Friday, September 17, 2010

Medical Update —
My last post about my doctor visit made it sound like things are worse. They're not. The doctor's findings being "inconclusive" means he did NOT see the problem I had before, which means I've cleared up. And YES, I do feel much better. I started eating normally a few days ago, and I haven't had the problem. (In fact, I've been stuffing myself!) So far, so good!

Last night, though, some of you may have seen me tweet about drinking a "Twisted Tea." It's iced tea with alcohol in it, like a Hard Lemonaide. Now, I don't drink, EVER, so it was just a tryout for me. And it was a huge FAIL! It was like 12 ounces of cough syrup. Just disgusting! I went to bed early because it made me feel so bad.

So I lost a day of drawing!

And I almost lost a night's sleep, too. When I went to bed, my head was hurting pretty bad, in a weird kind of way. During the night, I woke up at least 5 times, and each time I was having a nightmare. One time, I was even yelling! And my mouth had a strange dry taste in it all night.

The lesson I learned as a teenager is still true: alcohol does NOT work for me!


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