Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Computer! —
1pm! It's here! Watch for pictures!
1:15pm - Okay, It's out of the box, and it's beautiful! I won't turn it on yet, though. I need to run do some other stuff. I'll be back!
5:30pm (Already??) - Uploading pictures shortly! I've turned it on, and I'm installing / configuring stuff while I edit photos!

7:30pm - Okay! Here's photos! (Guh! Uploading photos to Blogspot SUCKS!!!)

The FedEx man gave me a black box with alien symbols all over it. When I opened it, another black box!

This box was like a cardboard suitcase. It had a handle and huge gray eyes on top.

When I opened it, another black box!

This one was shallow, and it was resting on top of some packing. And underneath it? I think that's the computer!

The shallow box had the power cord and some extras in it. Huge mouse pad, a baseball cap, some stickers.

But forget that! HERE SHE IS!

Cased in cloth! Classy!

My first look at her! She's bright red! And has a soft feel to her! Not metal or plastic. I don't know what to call it.

She also has a front grill I can only call "ANGRY."

Fully open! She's BIG!

The underside. Look at those huge speakers! They're Klipsch!

And look closely... she has a name!

Here she is on her first boot. The keyboard lit up all yellow.

And so did the headlights! GRROWL!

And now, after I've finished all the startup stuff. Here she is up and running... AND LOOKING AT ME!

I'll show more later! I wanted you guys to see her as soon as I did! She wouldn't be here without you all! She's as much yours as mine!

Oh! And I'll try to stream with her tonight if I get everything working!



  1. I have the same laptop just smaller size

  2. Congrats on getting your new laptop.

  3. Damn that thing screams power :D
    Grats on getting it!!