Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shego —
She looks angry. I think we all suspected this.

I've drawn Kim Possible and friends plenty of times. Never had this idea before, though.



  1. There has to be a certain threshold of angry you need to cross for your nipples to set on fire...

  2. Shego & She-Hulk have lots in common besides being owned by Disney.

  3. Now THAT's one source o' burnination that might take that pesky Kim Possible off guard....'specially if she pauses to do a double (and I do mean double) take. Reminds me of Dr. Evil's "caliber" pun regarding his Fembots' machine-gun jubblies.

    Fun pic, and a follow-up where Sheeg struggles with the recoil those warlocks put out might be interesting.