Saturday, December 29, 2012

Be Supportive of Artists

I have a message for those who think livestream audiences are "brown-nosers."

As an artist who makes a living from livestreaming, I have to tell ya... if you come into my room and start telling me how to draw, YOU ARE BOOTED. IMMEDIATELY. You folks who think you need to tell ANY artist what she is doing wrong are presumptuous assholes. Critique that is not asked for is hateful and destructive. It tears people down. "Constructive criticism," my ass! Most artists are very insecure already, and they don't need YOU, a loudmouth not-artist, making them feel worse.

(Personally, I don't have a confidence problem. You say I'm doing it wrong? Here, take my pencil and finish it for me. Yeah, I didn't think so.)

On the other hand, any encouragement you can give is a very nice thing to do. Tell a kid what she's doing RIGHT for a change. In a world where getting by day-to-day can be a struggle, having a place to go where there's people happy to see you is a wonderful thing. Let it be. If you think that's silly, then FUCK OFF. You're not needed.


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