Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pacific Rim? No, not for me.

I briefly considered seeing Pacific Rim tonight (mostly out of boredom, because I always regret going to movies), but then I watched the trailer again. So boring. So unimaginative. So DULL. Everything is a bland, uniform gray. The robots are just piles of undifferentiated junk. And GRAY. Even the monsters are GRAY. Every scene, every line of dialogue, every sound effect is lifted directly from some other work. I'm hearing explosions from DOOM, for christ sake. (Why is GLaDOS in there?? It's not making me laugh, it's making me mad.) Of course there's the dull WHOOOMing sounds that pass for music these days. Even the TITLE is dull. "Pacific Rim?" Lifeless and dull.

Del Toro is such an overrated director. His movies are dead dull, and derivative to the point of plagiarism. This movie looks awful. Infuriatingly so. I'm not wasting money on this rip-off. Congratulations, Hollywood. You've made giant robots and monsters DULL.


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  1. Saw it over the weekend, and while I wouldn't call the film "awful," it was indeed very dull, uninspired, and mediocre. I'm amazed by how all the obsessive weeaboos and del Toro fanboys are trying to defend this film's failure by calling Americans too dumb to understand it.