Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No 'Agents' for Me

No, I won't be watching Agents of SHIELD tonight. I don't support Disney/Marvel products. I don't attend their movies, I don't buy their comics and I don't promote their characters. Disney/Marvel do not pay artists. They deliberately cheat artists of fair pay and they refuse to pay residuals. They routinely spend more money on lawyers to fight artists in court than it would cost to pay artists fairly. This is not a trivial thing. The producers, directors and stars of the new Marvel movies are aware of this, and they could address the issue, but they choose not to. Please reconsider your devotion to Disney/Marvel. The artists matter.

(Even if I didn't have this problem with Disney/Marvel corporate practices, I think Marvel movies should be about superheroes, not cops. There are already too many shitty cop shows.)


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