Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cattail art

Here's the finished Cattail art I promised a few days ago!

A bit about the character: I created her in 2005, shortly after creating the main cast of characters. I was at FetishCon for the first time that year, and I was introduced to a model named Dante Posh. I was showing off my new character designs (My art was so bad back then! Why did people put up with it?!), and when I talked to Dante, she said "I can be in it!"

I had been thinking about a black girl for the group, but I didn't have any solid ideas. Dante solved the problem for me. (If you're wondering what Dante looks like, THAT'S HER up there!)

Has it been 9 years?? Wow.

I'll post an Ultimate Guide for Cattail later tonight.


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