Thursday, October 20, 2005

I have completed the color work for page 8, due out on Nov 11, and I will do the colors for page 9 tonight. I am considering releasing page 9 on Nov 11 also, because things have gone so quickly for these pages. In that case, I'd call it "page 8b."

I will definitely release two pages at a time every now and again when things go quickly on my end, because I want my stories to move along. One page a week is SLOW as far as storytelling goes! (And I suspect the susbcribers will appreciate it, too. Ya think?)

I still have to complete the ink and color for page 7, which has a complicated background. I'm getting help from a 3-D artist for it, because the UFF headquarters building appears in it. (see the special section on the CHARACTERS page at the UF web site)

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