Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Commission Discount! --
FetishCon officially begins Thursday evening, but there's plenty to do until then, believe me! Others are already arriving! I had lunch with Kumi Monster, and I spoke with Angela Ryan in the lobby. (Awesome blue dress!) Isobel Wren has been in town since Sunday, but I haven't seen her yet. Diana Knight gets in tonight.

The program book looks great! (I designed it!) Don't forget: I'm selling autographed copies! Offer ends on Thursday! Here's the link - -

I've got my Wacom tablet set up on a big laptop, and my wifi is running ($60 hotel fee for the week, yikes!), so I'll be able to DRAW LIVE ONLINE just like always! (Watch here and on twitter for times.) I'll sit at a table in the exhibit room and STREAM LIVE from the convention floor, too! (IF everything works!) I'll take pictures when I see my friends and other cool people!

ABOUT COMMISSIONS: I was so busy last week with the new Complete Lisa collection and getting ready for the convention, I didn't notice how slow commission sales were. Only ONE new commission all week!!! That's BAD!!! THIS week needs to be MUCH BETTER! So I'll reintroduce my old discount offer: $5 off to returning customers. So come on! Buy those filthy commissions you always wanted! Help me survive the week! (I need it!)


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