Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spider-Woman vs. Venom! —
This new commission turned out DOUBLE-PLUS AWESOME!!!

For someone who's never drawn Venom, I think I did good! Spider-Woman's pose came from the cover of issue #19 of her original series. While looking for reference material, I saw this and said, wow, I couldn't improve on that! (I'm the one who made her naked, though! Hee!)

I never, EVER thought I'd be making a tribute to Bob Layton! But there it is!


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  1. I once thought about making my own comic book and a friend of mine told me that if you really want to test out the talents of an artist have them draw fluid pictures. I got one that was The Predator VS Batman and it was very high quality. Batman's cape was flowing and had a few rips in it. The Predators mask was off so you could see his face.

    My point in all this is you have done an excellent job in your drawing. Congrats and hope to see more. :)