Friday, January 14, 2011

Joan Holloway —
I started this drawing back in September (I think), but I could never get the face right. As an experienced caricaturist, this frustrated me. There's a subtlety about Christina Hendricks' face I just couldn't capture, and I'm usually really good at that. Then I found a portrait by c-marie at DeviantArt that showed me what I was missing.

I think this is appropriate for my first color art of the year. Those of you familiar with Joan/Christina know that I'm hardly exaggerating her proportions. She's ALL WOMAN, and we love her for it!
(She's supposed to be wearing lingerie. I'll update the image when she's done.)

Okay! She's done!



  1. I am now officially in love with you. :) Awesome.

  2. Blggmmffllmm*

    *(Im sorry, my tongue seems to have dropped out of my face.)