Sunday, January 9, 2011

Progress? Not much —
I'm sorry, everybody! I did NO WORK this past week. No excuses! I'll get busy this coming week, I hope.

I've been eating like a horse, shoveling fast food and soda down my mouth as fast as I can since I returned to civilization, and I've gained an alarming amount of weight. Not happy about that. I've been sleeping round the clock day after day for weeks, and when I'm awake, I have caffeine headaches. None of this is good. Everything I'm doing is bad for me.

Today I'm very upset about the shootings in Arizona. If you follow my tweets or FB, you know that already, I guess. No matter the guy's politics, if we can ever understand them, he went after an established Tea Party target in a place that's wall-to-wall with OTHER choices. We can't deny that fact. But conservatives will blame liberals and "socialists" no matter what, and I believe things will get worse. Americans don't learn lessons, I'm afraid.

And now, with my head pounding, I'll answer some emails, then try to get some work done.



  1. Does this mean you'll start doing live art again?

  2. Maybe. The live art can be fun and energizing, but it also puts a great deal of pressure on me.