Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 will be a busy year! —

It's been a busy month for Ultra Fem!

The Complete Lisa 2010, part 3, is out! And so is 50 Futas part 4!
Both are available at the Ultra Fem store!

I have also just released a FREE collection of 100 sketches!
That's right: FREE! You can get it RIGHT NOW at this address:

I thought I was slowing down. I mean I can't keep up last year's pace, can I??
But I've already completed nearly 30 drawings for 2011!
There's plenty of new stuff coming, so please keep watching!

And please also remember the donation drive to replace my stolen computer.
It lasts until the end of February. ALMOST half way there, and only 3 weeks left!

Thank you all for your support!



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  1. Just checked out those 100 free sketches you posted a link to! Great looking artwork! Loved the Baroness sketch and the Flintstones characters!