Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lady Power —
I drew her once back in 2005 when I started the whole Ultra Fem thing, but just that once and never again. I put her on the 2012 calendar list (see the previous entry), and suddenly everybody's asking: WHO IS SHE??

Okay, here goes. According to the Ultra Fem mythology I've written, Ultra created the Ultra Fem Five team several years ago, and personally invited four other heroines to join her: Night Mistress, The Scratch, New-American Centurion and Lady Power.

I've written about Centurion HERE. The "other lady" I mentioned was Lady Power. She's a tall brunette with long flowing hair, and powers that are very similar to Ultra's, except her powers are magical in origin. If Ultra is Superman, Lady Power is Shazam. LP is leadership material. Very experienced, professional and headstrong. This, together with the fact that she is OLDER than Ultra, made things just... NOT work. The two of them have some sort of uneasy history, but I haven't written details yet.

I do know that, the night Centurion and Lady Power left the group... SOMETHING happened. I'm not going to say just what, but it was important.

Does that help? ;)


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