Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lady Power, redesigned —
Okay, here she is! And this is JUST the way I always imagined her!

The 2012 calendar project has prodded me into documenting this character. She needed it! This sketch was intended to be the basis for her calendar page, but it turned out so well, it will become her OFFICIAL profile art! It DEMANDS IT!

As you can see, Lady Power is designed to be a kind of yin-yang to Ultra Fem. She has an air of maturity and dignity that Ultra lacks. LP's no-nonsense professionalism and her "prim-and-properness" did not mix well with Ultra's chaotic and impulsive approach to leadership. She simply couldn't stay on the team.

LP's costume is inspired by the Rocketeer and the golden age Captain Marvel. She shows no skin and her boots have no heels. Ironically, these are traits that Ultra Fem's costume share, but Ultra's bodysuit is designed for ease of REMOVAL. (LP is NOT an exhibitionist like Ultra!) It's all topped off with Kelly Preston's hairdo from Sky High, which impressed me mightily!

One other thing: Lady Power has a little sister. You'll meet her some day.


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