Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Copic markers

I was finally able to spend some time last night working with my Copic color markers. I produced a complete test drawing, and it's the most amateur-looking shit. Like a high school kid did it. My goal is to create some sketch covers to sell, but at this rate, it'll be a long time.

The whole experience has reminded me how much I hate working with paper. I was so glad to give it up entirely back in 2009 when I got my Wacom tablet, and I am not at all eager to go back. I like pencil sketching, but I've never liked wet media of any kind. I'm especially un-fond of inking. I have a new set of PITT pens here, and the experience of trying to produce a decent line has brought back all the nightmares.

What the hell is it with ink pens?? They're all the same. Dried-out, inconsistent junk right out of the box. To get a solid line, you have to scratch over and over and over. And the result looks exactly like that: SCRATCHINGS. Seriously unprofessional, no matter how much you pay. And NO, I will NOT use a brush. Or a brush pen. Or a crow quill. The only thing worse than a dry pen is an ink spill all over your desk.

I'm certain I will improve as far as the color work goes, but the inking? I don't know.

UPDATE: I have determined to use dark pencils for line work!


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