Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Here's a teaser pic for page 1. Want to know what happens next?? You have to SUBSCRIBE!

Got some really significant work done tonight. More than half finished the color for page 2, and it's going quicker than page 1 did. I'm making up short-cuts as I go, and I've also decided that there's no need for all the extra layers and color details on latter pages. The opening splash pages for each story arc will get all the goodies.

It looks like this is how things will go:

day 1) pencil two pages
day 2) ink those two pages
day 3 & 4) color first page
day 4 & 5) color second page
day 6) letter both pages

So in less than a week, I can get two weeks worth of pages done. With two weeks of work, I'll have the next month's pages in the can. This is perfect.

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