Monday, September 12, 2005

UGH! 5:30 am! I completed almost all of the color work for page 1. Lighting effects and other special stuff still to do. But it's coming along!

A handful of subscriptions have trickled in, and I'm glad to have them, but there need to be more!

I had to close my portfolio account at because they censored me. They removed one of my pictures. I only had FOUR images on display there. The one they removed was the Night Mistress wallpaper. If you've seen it, you know how tame it is. No nudity, no crotch shot. She just happens to be holding a dildo. She's not DOING anything with it.

So I cursed them out and left. Turns out you can't actually DELETE your account, though. Their help file says that they "keep all accounts for historical purposes." WTF?? Their motto is "community spirit through working together." Is that a joke? What kind of art "community" has a "Policy Violation Team"??

Short story: don't go to - they suck.

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