Thursday, September 8, 2005

This week I started in earnest on the first installments of ULTRA FEM, the first page of which I've scheduled for Sept 23.

Last Night, I completed the preliminary pencil work for pages 1 and 2. There will need to be some finishing pencils, but they're pretty much done. I'm going to have to work on getting through the pencils as quickly as possible and do most of the detail work in the inking process. That will save me a LOT of time in the future, and I'm sure I'll get better and more disciplined about it as I go.

I'm debating whether to ink these two pages or create pencils for pages 3 and 4. I want to be working at least a month ahead. This first UF adventure looks like it's going to be at least 6 pages long.

Last night, I also completed the basic design drawing for BIG GIRL, as well as a BG wallpaper. People seem to like them!

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