Monday, June 20, 2011

Sesame Street was BIZARRE —
I have clear memories of the first episode of Sesame Street, and I've tried to tell people how WEIRD it was. I never thought to look it up, though, until last week. Take a look! It's FUCKED UP!

If the video doesn't work, try to find it yourself. It's worth it!

Gordon has a 'fro and Shaft-style sideburns. Big Bird is a mess. Burt and Ernie are... UNFINISHED. And the jokes suck. Susan has always been the same, though. I love Susan.

And yes, I know it's hard to believe, but Oscar was ORANGE. I've been telling people for years, HE WAS ORANGE, DAMMIT. And here's proof!


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  1. By today standards it might seem a bit weird, but if you put it in the context of the time period it seems rather normal. And yes I did grow up on seseme street. lol Its where I learned english. :)