Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yaya Han at Metrocon! —
I drove over to downtown Tampa today to see Yaya Han at Metrocon. She's the ONLY reason I went! And here she is! She was super-pretty and super-tiny!

She was doing a panel or something when I got there, so I had an hour to kill. I'm not an anime fan, really, and I don't cosplay myself, so there wasn't much to do. Boy, was it crowded! There was a blood drive going on, so I went and did that. I've given blood plenty of times, it's no big deal. But during the short time I was lying on the donor couch, four other donors passed out. FOUR! Come on guys! You're not helping your stereotype!

There were only a couple of other interesting things there, and here they are.



  1. Well I have never heard of her but after doing an internet search she seems like a very interesting person.

  2. In the end was she the sweetheart I imagine her to be?