Sunday, November 22, 2009

The New-American Centurion —

Once again... I spent time on this today instead of OTHER stuff I need to do. But, as before, the spirit came upon me, and I had to hammer this out!

THIS wonderful lady is another one of my original characters from 2005, re-imagined for 2009. FIRST OF ALL, I want to make this clear: her name is NOT American Centurion - - it is 'NEW American Centurion!' That distinction is important. For her new incarnation, I've hyphenated the phrase 'New-American' to make it more clear. (If you don't know the significance of the phrase 'New American Century,' look it up. It will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about her.)

Centurion was the fifth lady I invented, obviously inspired by the Captain America archetype. Actually, she was more influenced by American Dream, but it's kind of the same thing. After sketching her up, though, I decided that I really didn't want a flag-waving patriot on the team. This was 2005, remember, the depths of the Bush years. I have a serious distaste for patriots, and I knew Ultra Fem would, too. (This is why she's named what she's named!)

THEN, I had a brilliant idea! Well, I thought it was brilliant, anyway. I would take these last two characters and make them FORMER members of the team. They would be founding members who couldn't get along with Ultra. When the series begins, they are already gone, and much of the storyline would be about Ultra struggling to rebuild a workable team. SEE?!

So anyway, Centurion and this OTHER lady (who I'll get to later) were strong leader-types just like Ultra, and they had BAD personality clashes. (Wait till you see! LOL!) So, they are gone, and the Martian and Big Girl are the replacements. And that's where things lie as episode 1 opens...

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  1. Of course, you could have played it as a "true patriot opposing the current administration". But clever, nonetheless.