Sunday, July 11, 2010

Can you guess??? —

Okay, people have the wrong idea. ALL of these characters are my favorites. You're supposed NAME THEM ALL. One guy on NewGrounds named the difficult ones almost immediately, but didn't bother with the others. So there's no winner yet.

UPDATE: Someone on Hentai-Foundry got them all. Perhaps by visiting NewGrounds, maybe?



  1. Whaaaat? Are you serious? Do you want me to guess your favorites out of the ten shown? Well, I gotta believe that Doctor Girlfriend makes the cut. Jessica + Glock? Well, DUH. I'm gonna guess you like Mighty Mouse, too.

    If your intention is to see if folks can ID all then, upper-right-corner is giving me the most trouble.

  2. Lets see:
    Howard the Duck

    Mighty Mouse
    Jessica Rabbit
    Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Ok, in her Dr. Girlfriend outfit)

    I'm annoyed with myself for not knowing the middle ones.

  3. Ultraman, Thanos, Howard the Duck, Devil Dinosaur...don't know and don't know, Mighty Mouse, Jessica Rabbit, Crow T. Robot, and Dr. Girlfriend (or Dr. Mrs. The Monarch).

  4. Top Row

    Ultraman, Thanos, Howard the Duck, Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur, Arishem the Celestial Judge (or maybe just the Celestials?)

    Bottom Row

    (?), Mighty Mouse, Jessica Rabbit, Crow T Robot and Dr. Girlfriend.

    I am annoyed with myself for not getting that first one, but really awesome choices and great detail on the Celestial BTW :)

  5. Here are my guesses: 1) Ultraman 2) Thanos 3) Howard The Duck 4) Devil Dinosaur 5) Arishem The Judge 7) Mighty Mouse 8) Jessica Rabbit 10) Dr Girlfriend. I have no idea about the sixth and ninth characters.