Friday, July 2, 2010

The Tom Baker Game

There are, what, 7 billion people on Earth now? And I'm pretty sure I'm the ONLY one who's made this connection.

Last week, I was watching some Tom Baker videos online, then immediately afterward, I turned on my random song list and the first thing that played was Super Freak by Rick James. Now... okay, listen... there's a part in the first half of the song when Rick James uses this low, booming voice, and... well, a picture of Tom Baker singing it, in full Doctor Who get-up, came unbidden into my mind. There. Okay?

Play this MP3, and if you can picture it, you win the Tom Baker Game! The interesting part starts at about 00:47

If you don't know who Tom Baker is, and you've never seen Doctor Who, then you lose.


UPDATE: Although I have a hundred other things to do, I had to stop and make this commemorative sketch.


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  1. Maybe you should ask these guys nicely to make your dream come true. :D