Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I started this Big Girl commission drawing, but I'm drawing a blank (pun NOT intended) about finishing it...

You guys tell me! Leave your answers in the comments! I'll know the winning suggestions when I see them! You'll get a credit on the finished art and a super-large copy!

UPDATE: One of the suggestions here gave me a good idea, so I'll use it. A variation on it, anyway. There were also some other suggestions on my FurAffinity blog if you want to see those. Only one person suggested that she had stepped on something, which is what I was thinking myself, but I never came up with anything specific. Keep suggesting if you like!



  1. How about a huge ass asteroid as she looks down on her hometown or whatever town she lives in? Just my suggestion.

  2. My comment is not that much different then Gentleman's :(. Still, I figure this is a anything goes sort of thing. So why not get a bit crazy with it?

    What if she's grown so large that she's stopping something nearly planet sized from hitting the earth! But... by growing so large, she has accidentally chipped off a bit of the earth with her bulk? Thats certainty a "whoops... I made a boo-boo" face.

    I know, a bit ridiculous, but I enjoy a bit of crazy every now and then! :P

    From cheeky aliens to planet breaking, poor girl never gets a break.

  3. I'm thinking based on the way her hands are curled that a portion of the bridge has collapsed. She's holding the other portion up while people climb out of their cars and down over her body. That certainly would tickle.. in more ways than one.

  4. Have her lifting up a guy and had accidentaly move his pants in the process revealing a massive cock hanging down

  5. Depends on how you want to go with it. If you want it more comedic she could have stepped in/on something or someone while holding up train tracks,wires, or a metal plate of some sort.

    Or more heroic like stopping a falling building from crushing a concert or other such grouping of the masses

  6. How about Godzilla pulling down the back of her panties, much like the famous art of the little girl at the beach and the small dog?

  7. When I look at this picture I see an army of villians attempting to restain her with cables and machines. They are trying to capture her. Something like gigantic bondage.