Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Draw Muhammad Day!!!
I wasn't going to take valuable time to make a new drawing for this, but I just couldn't stop myself! And my little sketch turned out pretty awesome, I think! It's Muhammad!!! Doing what religious leaders do best!!! SLAUGHTERING WOMEN!!! Yay!!!

My original idea was to draw him raping a little boy (that's the OTHER thing religious leaders do, right?), but I didn't have the stomach for that.

I also want to share my disgust at the failure of Molly Norris to support what she unwittingly started. I understand that she only drew a one-panel comic, that she did not start an organized protest, and I don't blame her for being taken aback at the response. I DO blame her for denouncing this great idea. I mean, she's APOLOGIZING to Muslims!!! And Jon Wellington is even worse. What a couple of PUSSIES!

And now, here's another GENIUS animated cartoon from Mark Fiore! CLICK IT!

To all you idiots who might want to complain: DON'T.
If you can't see the difference between the ORGANIZED MURDER of artists and the protest AGAINST it, you're an asshole.

UPDATES: An excellent wrap-up at
And then... *sigh* look at these lunatics.


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