Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scarlet Starlet and Sapphire Blade —
Here's a new commission that ended up being quite epic! It's Scarlet Starlet and Sapphire Blade, a couple of RPG characters from a customer of mine. This took a lot longer than my usual weekly color commissions. I think it's because of the costumes. I usually draw naked people fucking. Clothes slow things down!

Anyway, the two started out as separate drawings, and it shows. They clearly don't belong in the same picture. Their perspectives are VERY different. I never figured out how to make them fit together properly, so I just slapped them down on the same page. They look kind'a like Power Man and Iron Fist, don't they??

Interesting notes: Starlet was inspired by an old drawing of "Blazer" from the 1980s "Justice Machine." (Remember them? No??) Blade was inspired by The Flash, of all things.

Aaaaannd... I just noticed Starlet doesn't have her chest emblem... damn.

Here's the original sketches.


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